The Ijma' of the Ulama concerning the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam

الإمتاع بما تعليق بالنبي من إجماع - أحمد بن غانم الأسدي


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An unreleased work and extremely beneficial, both for beginners than confirmed. The author has gathered everything that relates to the Messenger of Allah, whether his life, his works, his characteristics, his rights, his miracles, his purification, his prayer, his Hajj etc. and which constitutes unanimity to the people of knowledge.

So this is the most authentic overview of life, work and actions of Prophet Muhammad sallahu alayhi wa sallam, bringing together all the issues on which the Ulema agreed.

The work is prefaced and praised by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdallah al-Imam, Shaykh Sa'd ibn Abdullah al-Humayd and Shaykh Muhammad ibn Isma'il al-'Imrani.

Saudi quality edition, all quotes and hadeeth are referenced.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالإمتاع بما تعليق بالنبي من إجماع
Author أحمد بن غانم الأسدي
Prefaceالشيخ محمد بن إسماعيل العمراني الشيخ سعد بن عبد الله الحميد الشيخ محمد بن عبد الله الإمام
Editionدار العاصمة
HarakatIn Part

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