Al-Hidayah - Islamic Program for Children

الهدية لأطفال والحضانات - المستوى الأول والثاني والثالث

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Here's another very good learning program of Islam to our children! It consists of level 3 books, each book is designed to be studied over 10 months. A program spread over approximately 3 years, but this can be adapted to your rhythm and that of the child.

10 subjects are taught gradually, found in level 3 programs: Invocations, Hadith, good manners, Belief, The Prophetic biography, Stories , songs to retain some concepts in a playful way and finally an excellent poem of Aqeedah to learn entirely "Sullam al-Wusul" by Hafidh al-Hakami. Fiqh and Tafseer appear at level 3.

The book is written according to the Salafi Aqeedah and drawings do not represent the faces alhamdulillah. There are harakats on du'a, Hadith and on certain words or phrases.

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