Rawdatu Talibin - Imam an-Nawawi (Fiqh Shafii)

روضة الطالبين للإمام النووي

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A great reference Shafii Fiqh, by the reference of Madhhab Imam, Imam Abu Zakariya al-Nawawi.

Rawdatu Talibin is a summary of Al-Aziz (Sharh al-Kabir) of ar-Rafii, it is a complete and comprehensive book on the Shafii Madhhab that develops opinions within the school and gives the predominant opinion.

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Rawdatu Talibin - Imam an-Nawawi (Fiqh Shafii)

Edition Egyptian

Very good Egyptian edition in 8 volumes, with harakat in majority, the annotations explaining difficult expressions or citing useful complements coming from other works of the Madhhab.
Tahqiq: د. محمد إبراهيم الحفناوي و د. إسماعيل محمد الشنديري
Volumes: 8
Edition: دار الحديث

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Edition Lebanese (saudi quality)

Superb edition in 8 volumes checked from four manuscripts.
Tahqiq: عبره علي كوشك
Volumes: 8
Edition: دار الفيحاء

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleروضة الطالبين
HarakatIn Majority or Totality



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