Al-Qadim wal-Jadid fi Fiqh ash-Shafi'i (2 volumes)

القديم والجديد في فقه الشافعي - د. لمين الناجي

SHA 00018

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A very interesting research in the Fiqh of Imam Ash-Shafi'i, on two types of the opinion that we find the old and the new (before and after his departure for Egypt).

Here is the book's structure:
1- The books of Ash-Shafi'i Imam and those who reported his advice.
2- Usul Fiqh of Shafii
2.1 The foundations that have remained unchanged in the Qadim and Jadid
2.2 The foundations that have changed (with examples)
3- Sources of Fiqh Shafii
3.1 His Shuyukh
3.2 The books he studied
3.3 His opinions diverging from some of his sources (Malik and Shaybani)
4- Al-Qadeem wa al-Jadeed
4.1 The subjects of old and new Fiqh (by chapters)
4.2 An-Nach-ah - al-Madhaan - al-Fatrah
4.3 The specifics of Qadeem and Jadeed

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالقديم والجديد في فقه الشافعي
Authorد. لمين الناجي
Editionدار ابن عفان
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)



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