Al-Mukhtasar min al-Mumti' min sharh Zad al-Mustaqni' lil-Uthaymin

المختصر من الممتع من شرح زاد المستقنع للعلامة ابن عثيمين


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Exceptional my brothers and sisters, here is a summary of Sharh al-Mumti of Sheikh al-Uthaymeen. The author, Kamila al-Kawari, which has already shown with other beneficial books, summed up the immense work of Sheikh (15 volumes in the original edition), in beautiful and enormous volume of 1300 + pages!

To do so she has kept the words and opinions of Sheikh al-Uthaymeen on his explanation of original Matn Zad al-Mustaqni , so she removed the debates and evidences, so that beginners benefit only pure Sharh of the Matn of Fiqh (for a summary of the evidence, she refers to as Salsabil by al-Balihi). She annotated when the Shaykh had an opinion in the outgoing or minority in Hanbalee madhhab recalling the dominant opinion in the madhhab. She has made significant annotations on some issues that needed.

This impressive work was then reviewed and prefaced by Shaykh Sa'd ash-Shathri, who complimented by saying: "This is a huge summary, beneficial, I recommend reading".


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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالمختصر من الممتع من شرح زاد المستقنع للعلامة ابن عثيمين
Author كاملة الكواري
Prefaceالشيخ سعد بن ناصر الشثري
Editionدار ابن حزم
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)


Par (Bradford, United Kingdom) le07 Feb. 2018 (Al-Mukhtasar min al-Mumti' min sharh Zad al-Mustaqni' lil-Uthaymin) :

المختصر من الممتع

والله لأعجبني هذا الكتاب إعجاباً كبيراً. خصوصاً ومؤلفه اختصاره امرأة مسلمة تدافع عن الشريعة وقد سنّت سنةً حسنةً للمسلمات أرجو من الله هداية النساء بها وتشويقهن إلى التخصص في علوم الشرع بدلاً من اتباع الغير مسلمات في كل شيء

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Par (London, United Kingdom) le03 Jan. 2018 (Al-Mukhtasar min al-Mumti' min sharh Zad al-Mustaqni' lil-Uthaymin) :

Fiqh Zad Al Mustaqni summary

Excellent book, delivery came on time and well packaged, jzk khair

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