Majaalis Tadhkiriyyah ala Masaail Manhajiyyah - sheikh Ferkous

مجالس تذكيرية على مسائل منهجية ـ الشيخ فركوس

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We are pleased to offer for the first time a book by great Algerian scholar Mohammed Ferkous, and what book!

It is a collection containing numerous reminders and course of Shaykh Ferkous on an impressive number of subjects related to the Aqeedah and Manhaj that we could not count here. Among them: the excuse of ignorance, conditions for establishing proof, Jarh wa Ta'dil, about the Da'wa and Du'at, the Anashid, relationships with innovators, Boycott (hajr), the Salafiyah, Takfir, etc ...

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleمجالس تذكيرية على مسائل منهجية
Authorالشيخ أبو عبد المعز محمد علي فركوس
Editionدار الموقع و دار العواصم
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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