Matn Shatibiyyah - Tahqiq and notes by Ayman Suwayd

منظومة حرز الأماني ووحه التهاني في القراءات السبع - الشاطبية بتحقيق وتعليق د. أيمن سويد


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The famous poem of Imam al-Shatibi in the science of Tajweed and Qiraat as-Sab ', in an excellent edition verified, authenticated, and annotated by Sheikh Ayman Suwayd, professor of Tajweed and Qiraat acknowledged.

Edition in medium format (12x17cm), hard cover, allowing a pleasant reading of the poem, which is 100% harakat (and the rest of the annotations are also with harakats in majority).

After the poem is an explanation of some parts and words found in the poem, in alphabetical order.

Then a summary of the verses used in Shatibiyyah sorted by Surah.

Finally a biography of Imam ash-Shatibi and Sanad of the Qasidah.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleمنظومة حرز الأماني ووجه التهاني في القراءات السبع - المسمى متن الشاطبية
Authorالإمام الشاطبي
Prefaceد. أيمن رشدي سويد
Checking and preparationد. أيمن رشدي سويد
Annotationsد. أيمن رشدي سويد
Editionدار الغوثاني
HarakatIn Majority or Totality


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