Silsilah Nujum as-Sahaba - Stars of the Sahaba (14 books) - 100% harakat

سلسلة نجوم الصحابة 1/14

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Exclusive SifatuSafwa: A series specially designed for beginners in terms of vocabulary and simplification of the subjects, 100% harakat, based on evidence. This is suitable for children, beginners, and it can also serve as teaching material for schools or mosques.

This series "Nujoom as-Sahaba" (Stars of the Sahaba) Consists of 14 booklets of 16 pages each taking up the biography of the most famous Companions of the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam. Example: Rightly guided Caliphs, Promised to Paradise, Readers [of the Qur'an], Scholars, Martyrs, etc.

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