Silsilah Qasas min al-Adab - 18 books about good manners - 100% harakat

سلسلة قصص في الأداب 1/18

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Exclusive SifatuSafwa: A series specially designed for beginners in terms of vocabulary and simplification of the subjects, 100% harakat, based on evidence. This is suitable for children, beginners, and it can also serve as teaching material for schools or mosques.

This series "Qassas min al-Adaab" (Stories about good manners) consists of 18 booklets of 16 pages each with the central theme of an invitation to good manners, taking examples from the prophetic narratives or from the Salaf. Example: The behavior in science during the invocations, with Allah Almighty and Exalted, when we go to sleep, when we eat, in the council, in mosques, etc.

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Data sheet
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