6 rebuttals to Jahmiyas by Ad-Darimi, al-Bukhari, Ibn Qutayba

عقائد السلف

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"Salafs Creeds" is collection of Risala written by imams of the Salaf in rebuttals to the people of innovation, and more specifically al-Jahmiyyah.
Be aware that many of them are hard to find.

Here are 6 books:

  1. Ar-Radd 'ala az-Zanadiqah wa al-Jahmiyyah by imam Ahmad (40 pages)

  2. MulHaq fi al-Jahmiyyah by imam Abu Dawud (10 pages)Khalq Af'al al-'Ibad by imam al-Bukhari (76 pages)

  3. Khalq Af'al al-'Ibad by imam al-Bukhari (76 pages)

  4. Al-Ikhtilad fi al-Lafdh wa ar-Radd 'ala al-Jahmiyyah wa al-Muchabbihah by imam ibn Qutaybi (36 pages)

  5. Ar-Rad 'ala al-Jahmiyyah by imam Abu 'Uthman ad-Darimi (86 pages)

  6. Ar-Rad 'ala Bishr al-Mirrissi by imam ad-Darimi également (166 pages)

All treaties were checked.

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Data sheet
Titleعقائد السلف
Checking and preparationعلي سامي النشار عمار جمعي الطالبي
Editionدار السلام
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)


Par (London, United Kingdom) le03 Feb. 2015 (6 rebuttals to Jahmiyas by Ad-Darimi, al-Bukhari, Ibn Qutayba) :


Very nice compilation. Actually contains 7 texts!

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