Summary Tafsir ibn Kathir (recommended by al-Uthaymeen)

المنتقى في تهذيب تفسير ابن كثير


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Great job of condensing the most famous tafseers to keep only the simplest and most direct his exegesis.

It is suitable for beginners to start with this type of summary before entering the complete Tafsir.

The book was complimented by Shaykh al-Uthaymeen saying he is good and he deserved to be known.

In two large volumes of over 1000 pages each (almost 2,200 pages in total).

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالمنتقى في تهذيب تفسير ابن كثير
Authorإبراهيم خليل المشهدني
Editionبيت الأفكار الدولية
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)


Par (Glasgow, United Kingdom) le11 Nov. 2017 (Summary Tafsir ibn Kathir (recommended by al-Uthaymeen)) :


This book is a great option for everyone including students of knowledge who seek a deeper understanding of the Quran. So far i am happy with this book and there are things that needs to be understood by people to know the difference from this two book edition to the full complete volumes. Those things which the author highlights include:
1 - Ibn Katheer followed the method of expansion by mentioning verses similar to the one he interprets, and this is the best way of interpretation. However, it is possible to limit the meaning of the verse to one or two verses or three approaches to its meaning which this book does
2 - Ibn Katheer repeated the same words in the verses that have the same meaning again, while this book's way of reference is to the first speech,
3 - as well as citing the ahaadeeth applies to the same word mentioned above
4- Ibn Katheer mentions the principles of each hadeeth, and this book's method is to shorten the names of the men in Sindh and to mention only the directors of the hadeeth, such as the authors of the six books, Imam Ahmad, Ibn Jarir al-Tabari, Ibn Abi Hatim, Ibn Mardawiyah and others.
5- Ibn Katheer mentions many hadeeths on a particular topic, so this book refers to the ahaadeeth without mentioning them. for example it would say: Ibn Katheer has quoted ahaadeeth in this sense.
6 - Sometimes Ibn Katheer mentions a few words that are not correct in the interpretation of the verse and refutes it. this book refers refer to it as a reference without too much detail
7 - Ibn Katheer mentions the differences in the interpretation of a verse by different people and judges on it, where he would list many statements and decides on a specific one, and then respond to the other ones words in detail and expansion, this book however refers to that signal
8 - Ibn katheer expands on verses regarding rulings , so he would recall the jurisprudence doors related to the verse, and goes on to mention the rulings derived from the verse, but this book goes on to arrange it in a simplified and brief manner
9 - Ibn Katheer enumerates the names of each of those who say a specific verse, and this is reinforced by the related evidence of the companions or the tabeen or others, while this book's way is to refer to this saying: This was reported by the companions and tabeen and the salaf. Ibn Katheer sometimes does this as as he did when Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): "Those with whom Allaah has bestowed upon them have said: It is proven in al-Saheeh, al-Musaynid, and other ways that are more frequent than that of a group of companions." And so did Ibn Katheer when he said: And what you learned from the guide, he said: This is the doctrine of the of the companions and tabeen and imams, and stated when saying: that the lowest to testify on her face, he said: and this was decided by more than one of the imams of the tabeen and the salaf.

The list mentioned above are from this and i translated the most important ones as best as i can. There are other things where the difference is shown but this is is all i got. i hope this help. so incolclusion this book is a great option for beginners but if i am to mention one small thing they could have improved on this book is to mention the names of the surahs above the pages.

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