Al Mulakhas al-Mufid fi 'Ilm at-Tajwid - Muhammad Ma'bad

الملخص المفيد في علم التجويد - محمد أحمد معبد

TJW 00022

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Shaykh Muhammad Ma'bad is a teacher of the Quran and Tajweed at the mosque of the Prophet, who has extensive experience in the science of Tajweed and its teaching.

The following manual is designed pedagogically with questions answers, coloring rules, exercises (to do with a teacher to correct them).

This work, popular in Egypt, is built according to Tuhfat ul-Atfal and al-Jaziriyah and we also find the verses and words Mutachabihat.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالملخص المفيد في علم التجويد باستخدام الترميز اللوني للأحكام
Authorمحمد أحمد معبد
Editionدار السلام



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