Al-Muqaddimat ul-Jazariyyah fi Tajweed - Verified by shaykh Ayman Suwayd

المقدمة الجزرية بتحقيق أيمن رشدي سوبد


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The famous scientific poem on the science of Tajweed entitled: The introductory poem in which the reader of the Qur'an is required to know, written by Imam Ibn al-Jazari (751-833H), better known under the name of al -Muqaddimatul-Jaziriyyah.

Beautiful edition medium format (12x17cm) verified by the famous Sheikh and Professor of Tajweed, Ayman Suwayd with a nice layout and high quality printing. With Harakat of course.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleمنظمة المقدمة فيما يجب على قارئ القرآن أن يعلمه ـ المسماة المقدمة الجزرية
Authorالإمام محمد بن محمد الجزري
Checking and preparationأيمن رشدي سوبد
Editionدار الغوثاني
HarakatIn Majority or Totality

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