Ibn Hazm and Zahiri fundamentals (pack of 2 books)

سيرة الإمام ابن حزم الأندلسي - مسائل الأصول لابن حزم

HZM 00004 - HZM 00005

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The first book is a biography of Imam Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi, by Imam Dhahabi.

The second is a book of Usul Ibn Hazm himself: Masail al-Usool, which brings together 18 fundamentals.

A pack of 2 books to learn more about Imam Ibn Hazm, a great scholar who marked the Ummah, and the controversy school of Fiqh he chose to adopt and which it is the largest representative: adh-Dhahiriyyah (attributed to Imam Abu Dawud adh-Dhahiri).

Several fundamentals Dhahiri are rejected by the four Sunni schools, particularly their denial of Qiyas.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleسيرة الإمام ابن حزم الأندلسي للإمام الذهبيمسائل الأصول لابن حزم
Editionدار المقتبس



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