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Ar-Rajul An-Nabil - Ali ben Jabir al-Fayfi

الرجل النبيل - علي بن جابر الفيفي

Ar-Rajul An-Nabeel” is considered among the modern books that have dealt with the biography of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in an easy linguistic style, while avoiding the usual form of presenting information that might affect tediously those who are not accustomed to reading.

The idea of writing the book “Ar-Rajul An-Nabeel” had been with Ali Ibn Jaber Al-Fifi for a long time, as he himself said in the introduction of the book: “I had thought for a long period of time of writing about the Prophet’s biography, talking about the days of his prophethood, and having the honour to write something about his pure merits and qualities...”

He also said: "I have called this book “Ar-Rajul An-Nabeel” because he, peace and blessings be upon him, was the noblest man known to mankind, and because nobility is evident in every aspect of his life, in his contentment and anger, in his grief and joy, before and after his prophethood; he is truly the noble man."

** Written by the bestseller author of "Li Annaka Allah" **

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الرجل النبيل
علي بن جابر الفيفي
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Ar-Rajul An-Nabil - Ali ben Jabir al-Fayfi
10.90 €