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Al-Qadi Abu Ya'la (458H)

Al-Qadhi Abu Ya'la Muhammad ibn al-Husayn ibn Farae (380-458)

Al-Imam, al-Allamah, Sheikh al-Hanabilah. Qadi, Imam in the Fiqh, Savant of Iraq, he read the 10 readings and wrote several refutations to Ahl al-Bid'a.

29.90 € (شامل للضريبة)
Here is a 7th century Fiqh Hanbali treatise written by one of the great Hanbali scholars, Imam Najm ad-Din ibn Hamdan al-Hanbali (695H), author of Aqida Hanbali's famous treatise "Nihayat al-Mubtadi'in fi Usul...
29.90 € (شامل للضريبة)
This is the collection of Fiqh bequeathed to us by Al-Qadi Abi Ya'la Ibn Faraa (380-458H) is an eminent Imam of the Salafs, and is also among the great Hanbali Imams. This is an important work as it represents the...
23.50 € (شامل للضريبة)
This is the book of Sheikh of Hanabila of his time, Al-Qadi Abi Ya'la, who was very opposed to Jahmiyya and Ach'ariyyah. This book is intended as a rebuttal of the wrong interpretation and distortions about the names...


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