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Al-Assas fi al-Mantiq (for advanced students)

الأساس في المنطق - أثير الدين الأبهري

Ilm al-Mantiq is the science of rhetoric or logic, and more precisely Aristotelian logic. This science is a derivative of Kalam but much more pushed and tends towards philosophy. If the latter is blameworthy in the vast majority of cases, the use and knowledge of Mantiq (logic) can serve interests in demonstrating logical arguments or to refute philosophical thoughts either innovated by the Mu'tazili of the Ummah, either the theories of non-Muslim philosophers.

This science is tinged with eloquence and Kalam and can only be studied by a person with a certain level and firmness in Aqida. Some scholars have allowed the study to be used for argumentation and refutation.

We have chosen a book for beginners so that anyone who wants to understand this science can see its outlines. This book is an ultra-simplified explanation, with a contemporary and pedagogical methodology of a mantiq matn very often commented, The Isagogé, al-Isaghouji.

For warned reader only!

Note: This explanation of what Mantiq is is based on our general knowledge and may be imprecise or partially wrong.

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الأساس في المنطق وهو شرح مبسط وتوضيح لطيف لمتن إساغوجي في علم المنطق
أثير الدين الأبهري
دار ابن حزم
None or a little bit (or only on the Matn)
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Al-Assas fi al-Mantiq (for advanced students)
10.63 €