Kalimaat al-Quraan - As-Sa'di & Al-Uthaymin

كلمات القرآن تفسير وبيان ـ السعدي والعثيمين


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Little work in medium format (12x17cm), which brings together all a bit difficult words of the Koran, sura by sura, verse by verse, explaining in a simple and concise manner, according to Tafsir and explanations of Sheikh as-Sa'di and Shaykh al-Othaymin.

Very nice edition.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleكلمات القرآن تفسير وبيان
Authorالسعدي والعثيمين
Checking and preparationأشرف بن كمال
Editionمكتبة الطبري
HarakatIn Part


Par (Columbus, United States) le05 Apr. 2016 (Kalimaat al-Quraan - As-Sa'di & Al-Uthaymin) :

Salamo Alaykom

The book was in my cart then before I made the payment the book was out of stock. Please we need it soon. Baraka Allah fikom. We like your book store and you need to order most of books out of stock. I had to cancel my entire order for other books because the book was not anymore in stock. I need books of sheikh muqbil as well the ones out of stock. Baraka Allah fikom.

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Par (Trinity, United States) le03 Sept. 2015 (Kalimaat al-Quraan - As-Sa'di & Al-Uthaymin) :

A must have

Sorry to see its out of stock, I take it everywhere I go.... A MUST have for every student, or anyone who reads Quran for understanding

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