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Short explanation, 100% harakat, of the famous Shafii Matn, Mukhtasar Abi Chuja', by Chams ad-Din al-Ghazzi al-Gharabili (918H).This Sharh is entitled Fath al-Qarib al-Moujib or also al-Qawl al-Mukhtar fi Sharh Ghayat...
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The book “Kifayatul-Akhyaar” (The Sufficiency of the Good), it is an interpretation done upon the book “Ghayat Al-Ikhtisar or Mukhtasar Abu Shuja”, of of the most famous Matn in the Shafii Fiqh. The author has...
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Explanation 100% Harakat of the Matn of Fiqh "Safinatu Naja" a matn very widespread in Yemen in particular, and which covers the three main adorations of any Muslim: ablutions, prayer and fasting. Explaned by Shaykh...


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