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Mu‘jam Al-Af‘āl Al-Muta‘addiyah bi-Ghayrihā: (Dictionary of transitive verbs that are accompanied) Many people make mistakes in using letters with transitive verbs that are accompanied, for each verb has prepositions...
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Incredible work that this dictionary of indexation of words used in the Noble Quran. Arranged alphabetically and according to the Wazn (the 3 letters that form the verbal and nominal basis), for each verbal or nominal...
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Dictionary of Verbal Prohibitions Followed by Benefits in Words (about 1500 words) by Shaykh Bakr Bin Abdullah Abu Zaid This book contains a great number of expressions and sayings that have circulated among people...
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Very useful, this dictionary explains the meaning and gives the names of the words. Homonyms are the words of identical pronunciation and different meanings, whether they are the same spelling or not. Written by a Dr....


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