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This is a simple and accessible explanation of al-Ajroomiyyah, and ready to grasp easily through its numerous questions and exercises. The author intended to facilitate the understanding of “Al-Muqaddimah...
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A simple yet modern explanation of the basic Matn in Arabic grammar, al-Ajroumia. It appealed to us for many reasons: The author gives simple and short definitions. He quotes the Qur'an and the Sunnah whenever...
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A nice discovery: an explanation of the Muqadimmah al-Ajrumiyyah 100% harakat, with exercises, explanatory tables, diagrams, high quality printing (Kuwait edition).The level of Sharh is suitable for beginners and...
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Ash-Sharh al-Muyassar ala Alfiat ibn Malik fin Nahou was Sarf (The simplified explanation of Alfiat ibn Malik in grammar and conjugation) have been deliberately written in a simple style and summarized perfectly...
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Aysar Ash-Shurooh ala Matn al-Ajroomiyyah (simplest explanatory of the text al-Ajrumiya) have been deliberately written in a simple style and summarized perfectly suited to the beginner. The author is a doctor...


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