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Memorising the Qur'an

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€8.00 (tax incl.)
This book deals with the Ayah Mutashabbihat, the verses or parts of verses that are similar or identical, a useful science especially when memorizing the Quran. The structure and development of this book is based on...
Out of Stock
€37.90 (tax incl.)
An incredible book by Sheikh 'Atiyah al-Ajhuri, Egyptian scholar of the 12th century, which deals with all the sciences attached to the Qur'an: the causes of revelation, the abrogated and the repealing, the verses...
€10.00 (tax incl.)
Warning for careless and guide for ignorant, is the title of this book to correct errors in reciting the noble Qur'an. Sheikh Ali an-Nuri al-Safaqsi is a specialized Tunisian imam in the sciences of the Qur'an (1118H)...


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