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About us

About us


SifatuSafwa is a Muslim bookstore having the particularity of only sell Islamic books in Arabic, the language of the Quranic revelation. It seemed appropriate to propose to Muslims worldwide access to reference books in various Islamic sciences (whether Ccreed, Law, but also Arabic or History).

We offer works of the 4 large schools of law, and regarding Aqeedah we follow the Salafi Minhaj - which means that we follow the beliefs of the first imams of Islam in dogmatic chapters, as opposed to late sects or thoughts.


The company SifatuSafwa Corporation Ltd is registered in Ireland, from where we make all the shipping logistics for the whole world. We source our books from printers & publishers historical countries of Arabic literature, like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.


SifatuSafwa opens in spring 2011. It is then a pioneer in its field, offering professional website selling Islamic books exclusively in Arabic, on the French market where supply is rather poor and predominantly in large libraries of major cities.

In the summer of 2012, SifatuSafwa launches version 2 of the site, more modern, bilingual, now allowing all Muslims in Europe and North America have access to important books and most of the time not found in these countries.

In autumn 2012, we launching a test project, the site that despite being the same editorial line as SifatuSafwa, namely the sale of Arabic books strictly Sunni, was distinguished by offering deluxe editions superior both in form (Saudi or Lebanese editions) as the substance (verified and authenticated by recognized Muhaqqiq or from academic research works) and also books more rare.

With this experience, we decided to launch in fall 2013 version 3 of our site, merging SifatuSafwa and As-Sahiha, offering even more titles and several editions for the same work and therefore allowing everyone to choose edition that suits him in terms of price / quality ratio.

In the space of two and a half years we have almost multiplied by 10 the number of titles available maintaining our leadership in this area.

Hamdulillah Al-Hamdan Kathiran Tayyiban Mubarakan Fih.



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