Al-Furoo' of ibn Muflih (harakat)

الفروع لابن مفلح


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One of the most important book of Fiqh al-Furoo 'by Imam ibn Muflih al-Hanbali (763H), comparing the opinions of the 4 schools and other great imams, citing differences, consensus and majority opinion.

The book is excellent was praise from scholars of all times, such as ibn Kathir or Ibn Hajar who were almost contemporaries of ibn Muflih.

The best edition of Al-Fourou ', with Tahqiq of Dr. Abdullah at-Turki, in 12 volumes. The text of Al-Fourou 'is verified from 4 manuscripts. Next is al-Mardawi's annotation "TasHiH al-Furoo '" (885H). Also comes the comments "Hachiyyah" of Taqi ad-Din Abu Bakr ibn Qudama (861H). And finally the annotations of the Muhaqqiq on some people cited, place, or complicated term.

Harakat in part.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Authorالإمام ابن مفلح
Annotationsتصحيح الفروع للمرداوي
HarakatIn Majority or Totality

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