Mu'jam Fiqh as-Salaf (Athar of Salaf in Fiqh)

معجم فقه السلف عترة وصحابة وتابعين - العلامة الكتاني


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An incredible work, a jewel in the Fiqh of the Salaf. There are other books (some) whose subject is to give voice of the Sahaba, the Tabi'ins and Tabi 'Tabi'ins on different issues and chapters of Fiqh, but it bears its name of Mu'jam because it is the one which gathers the most topics and citations.

A real pleasure to immerse as well in the legal opinion of the Sahaba and their position in the divergence issues in particular.

The author is a great scholar specialized in hadith and fiqh, Muhammad al-Muntasir Billah al-Kitani (1332-1419H), the Muhaddith of Makkah, so Sheikh bin Baz was full of praise for him and his work.

Saudi magnificent edition in 4 volumes, with a volume devoted exclusively to research indexes and biographies of the cited Salaf.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleمعجم فقه السلف عترة وصحابة وتابعين
Author العلامة محمد المنتصر بالله الكتاني
Checking and preparationخالد بن إبراهيم عيتاني
Editionدار ابن الجوزي
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)



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