Ibtaal at-Tawilaat li Akhbaar as-Sifaat - Al Qadi Abu Ya'la (458H)

إبطال التأويلات لأخبار الصفات - القاضي أبو يعلى ابن فراء


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This is the book of Sheikh of Hanabila of his time, Al-Qadi Abi Ya'la, who was very opposed to Jahmiyya and Ach'ariyyah. This book is intended as a rebuttal of the wrong interpretation and distortions about the names and attributes of Allah. However, the author has several weak or invented hadeeth, making it a controversial book from the people of knowledge.

But elhamdulillah we present this heritage of one of the Imams of the Salaf in a checked version, authenticated and annotated. This allows the reader to distinguish the authentic in the weak in the hadiths cited and also to have the authentic position ( words of imams of the Sunnah in support) on the weak chapters contained in this book.

Beautiful Kuwait edition.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleإبطال التأويلات لأخبار الصفات
Author القاضي أبو يعلى ابن فراء
Checking and preparationمحمد بن حمد الحمود النجدي
Editionدار الغراس
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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