An-Naasikh wal-Mansookh fi Kitaab Allaah - An-Nahaas (338H)

الناسخ والمنسوخ في كتاب الله عز وجل - الإمام النحاس

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This is one of the most important books on repealing and repealed in the Qur'an written by Imam Abu Ja'far an-Nahaass (338H). He reports for each case the evidence of the Qur'an the Sunnah and the Athar of Sahaba and Tabi'in and words of Fuqaha and people of knowledge among the Salaf. Proofs are discussed and authenticated, as well as the opinions are faced to bring out the Rajih (predominant). Early in the book the author shows the Hikmah behind the existence of verses repeal others and the rules governing the Nasikh and Mansukh.

Great Saudi edition in 3 volumes, verified, authenticated, and annotated.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالناسخ والمنسوخ في كتاب الله عز وجل
Authorالإمام النحاس
Checking and preparationأ. د. سليمان بن إبراهيم اللاحم
Editionدار العاصمة
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)



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