Siyar A'laam at-Tabi'een - 40 biographies of Taabi'een

سير أعلام التابعين

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A very rich and valuable collection, which includes biographies of 40 of the most illustrious Tabi'ins (year-Nakha'ee Ibrahim, Ibn Sirin, al-Amach, Umar ibn Abdel Aziz, Hasan al-Basri, Sa'id ibn Jubayr, Qatada, Ikrimah, Taawoos, Az-Zuhri, Al-Awzaa'ee ...).

The biographies are written from collections of reference in this field such as: Siyar A'lam an-Nubalae, Sifatu Safwa, Hiliyatu Awliya, Tahdhib al-Kamal, at Tabaqat ...

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Data sheet
Titleسير أعلام التابعين
Authorصبري بن سلامة شاهين
Editionدار القاسم
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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