Hujjat Allah al-Balighah - Shah Waliullah ad-Dehlawi

حجة الله البالغة - العلامة شاه ولي الله الدهلوي

This book is considered by researchers as one of the most important books written by Imam Waliullah Dehlawi. He wrote it in Arabic. It is one of the most useful books after the books of Imam Al-Shatibi if one wants to understand the purposes of Shari’ah law and it secrets.

Hujjat Allah Al-Balighah deals with the secrets of Islamic law, in all its parts and dimensions. The whole Islamic religion is presented in a coordinated and arranged fashion and in an inspiring and innovative way, which no scholar or Imam in Islamic history could produce. But this Imam, who was born in the land of India, was able to write it.

This book explains how Islam was found suitable for all races, cultures and people of the world and how successfully it solves social, moral, economic and political problems of human beings. Sheikh Muḥammad Manz̤oor Nomānī, may Allah have mercy on him, said: “In my entire life, I have not benefited from the book of any human beings, as Allah has benefited me by this book. In this book, I have known Islam as a complete way of life, linked to each other. Many of the things of this sacred religion, which I believed in before by the faith of tradition, I started to believe in it, after studying this book - praise be to Allah - by insight and proof.”

Beautiful Syrian edition held in two volumes, authenticated and corrected, with annotations on the hadith and to clarify the meaning of the text when necessary.

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حجة الله البالغة
العلامة شاه ولي الله الدهلوي
دار ابن كثير
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سعيد أحمد يونس بوري
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