Al-Badr at-Taali3 de Shawkani (scholars biographies)

البدر الطالع - الإمام الشوكاني

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al-Badr al-Taali 'is a book of biographies written by Imam ash-Shawkaanee, which is a good complement to Siyar' Alam an-Nubalae because it picks up where the Imam adh-Dhahabi had stopped, that is to say from the 7th century until his era, the 12th century.

His book contains over 600 biographies, a little more than the majority concerns scholars and personalities of Yemen, the country of origin of the author, and the other half concerns great scholars known of the Ummah on these 5 centuries, such as ibn Taymiyyah, Al-Dhahabi, ibn Rajab, as Sakhawi, as Suyuti ...).

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