6 Essential books of Hadith (Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Nasa'i, Ibn Majah)

أهم كتب الحديث : صحيح البخاري، صحسح مسلم، سنن أبي داود، سنن الترمذي، سنن النسائي، سنن ابن ماجة

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Luxurious edition of the 6 most important collections of Hadith (Kutub at-Tis'a without the Musnad of Imam Ahmad).

This edition is exemplary, of high quality, it contains an introduction on the 9 collections of Hadeeth in general then a more in-depth research on the author of the collection and its methodology in particular.

All collections are 100% harakats, printed in black and red on beige paper, with referencing and authentication of hadiths, and an alphabetical search summary of hadiths and chapters.
Exceptions: For Sahih al-Bukhari, harakats are largely but not 100% ; and the Mouwatta is not authenticated, only referenced.

Note that the Imam at-Tirmidhi Collection also contains the following two books: Ach-Chama-il al-Muhammadiyah and al-'Ilal.

You can buy the books in Pack or individually (27.40 € discount by buying the pack rather than choosing the 6 books one by one).

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