Sunan Abi Dawud - With harakat and authentication

سنن أبي داود

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The Sunan of Imam Abu Dawood, one of six mothers books of the hadith. 100% harakat.

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Sunan Abi Dawud - With harakat and authentication

Edition Egyptian

Nice Edition in one volume, with all the accents and authentication based on the work of Shaykh al-Albani and referencing of similar hadiths in 9 books of hadith.
Alphabetical search index.
Dar al-Ghad al-Jadid, 1295 pages

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Sunan Abi Dawud - With harakat and authentication

Edition Saudi

Excellent Taba'a of Sunan y Abu Dawud, from 9 manuscripts with Takhrij and Tahqiq of the hadiths, in line with Sheikh al-Albani with the exception of a handful for which Muhaqqiq is explained in annotations. The best edition we know. Dar as-Saddiq, 1152 pages.

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Data sheet
Titleسنن أبي داود
HarakatIn Majority or Totality



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