Diwan Labid ibn Rabi'ah

ديوان لبيد بن ربيعة


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Collection of the poems of the companion Lubayd ibn Rabi'ah, who is one of the greatest Arab poets. Labid belonged to the Beni'Amir ben Sa'sa'a tribe; He is described as a valorous and generous warrior, defender of his own. His texts portray numerous battles. He and his family converted to Islam in Medina, about 3 years before the death of the Prophet sallallaahualayhiwasallam; He then renounced poetry. He was said to have died in Kufa, aged over a hundred years.

All harakats on the poems and annotations explaining terms and difficult phrases.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleديوان لبيد بن ربيعة
Checking and preparationعبد الرحمن المصطاوي
Annotationsعبد الرحمن المصطاوي
Editionدار المعرفة
HarakatIn Majority or Totality

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