Al-Ittibaa' (le suivi) by Ibn Abi al-'Izz al-Hanafi

الاتباع لابن أبي العز الحنفي

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A rare book by commentator of the Tahaawiyyah, Ibn Abi al-'Izz al-Hanafi. This is a refutation of a contemporary Hanafi who wrote about the superiority of the Hanafi madhhab against other madhhahib with that implies as blameworthy Taqlid. In addition to the perspective of the blame of Taqlid and the obligation to follow the evidence, there are interesting legal discussions. This is even more interesting than the refutation of blind following of the Hanafi school is made by a Hanafi scholar himself.

This book was not reissued for 25 years. This is a copy of the second edition

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Authorالشيخ ابن أبي العز الحنفي
Editionمؤسسة تبوك
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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