Fiqh of Sheikh bin Baz and the Manhaj in Fatwa (3 vols.)

اختيارات الشيخ ابن باز الفقهية ومنهجه في الفقه والفتوى


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Excellent research on the views of Sheikh bin Baz in Fiqh. The strength of this research is to take the time to compare the opinions of the Sheikh with those who oppose, detailing the evidence and overlooking the predominant opinion and the reasons for the divergence.

This beautiful work is doctoral thesis of the author, D. Khalid ibn Muflih al-Hamad, which was obtained with the highest degree and was notably argued in front of Mufti Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh.

The 3rd volume is a risala the same author on the methodology of Sheikh bin Baz in Fiqh and Fatwa, which is an additional annex to his research.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleاختيارات الشيخ ابن باز الفقهية وآراؤه في قضايا معاصرة و منهج الشيخ ابن باز في الفقه والفتوى
Authorخالد بن مفلح آل حامد
Editionدار الفضيلة
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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