Fatawa al-Ladjna ad-Daa-ima condensed into three volumes!

الخلاصة القيمة في فتاوى اللجننة الدائمة ـ 3 مجلد

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Exceptional: The compendium of 27 volumes of Fataawa Lajna ad-Daaima (Standing Committee of Ifta) in 3 volumes, up to 7500 Fataawa!

An excellent work by two authors of the summary that consisted of:

  • Remove duplication of fatwa or statements identical or substantially identical.    
  • A more condensed layout including by citing the end of the fatwa that the initials of the Shuyukh respondents (therefore very space saving)    
  • Takhreej of hadeeth
  • They put after each fatwa the reference of the original (volume and page)
  • The responses of the Standing Committee have been subject to any additions or withdrawals, they are complete, only sometimes the questions were summarized (as it happens in a chapter that there are many different but identical in substance , thus having the same answer)
  • It is specified when such a fatwa is in agreement with that of the ulema of al-Azhar, which is useful in contemporary issues particular to note the unanimity among the scholars of Saoudi and Egypt
  • Biographies of the 'ulema Committee

It is therefore a wonderful job, allowing us to all to have access to Fatawa of al-Ladjnatu ad-Daa-ima, affordable way while being as complete as possible. Elhamdoulillah

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالخلاصة القيمة في فتاوى اللجننة الدائمة
Editionالمكتبة الإسلامية
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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