'Ilm al-Jarh wa Ta'dil - Abu Abdel 'Alaa (praised by 7 scholars)

علم الجرح والتعديل ـ أبو عبد الأعلى خالد المصري

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Science of Jarh and Ta'dil (criticism and praise), its meaning, its history, its fruits ... by Sheikh Abu
Abdel 'Alaa Khalid Muhammad Uthman al-Misri.

This risala was prefaced and approved by 7 scholars including Sheikh al-Rabi Madkhalee Sheikh Ubayd al-Jabiri Sheikh Muhammad ibn Hadi Sheikh Al-Walid al-Banna ...

With the majority of harakats.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleعلم الجرح والتعديل
Authorالشيخ أبو عبد الأعلى خالد بن محمد بن عثمان المصري
Editionدار سبيل المؤمنين
HarakatIn Majority or Totality

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