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Matn Qatr an-Nadaa

Edition Colour cover

Mini-size (8x12cm), 100% tashkil, printing in black and red on white paper, softcover,94 pages.

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Matn Qatr an-Nadaa

Edition Leather cover

Superb leather-like semi-rigid cover edition, including matn "Qatr an-Nada" from ibn Hicham al-Ansari (761H) ; Followed by Matn "al-Mughni fi Nahw" by ibn Hasan al-Galavrdi (746H). Very nice print quality, 100% harakat, 192 pages.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleمتن قطر الندى وبل الصدى
Authorابن هشام
HarakatIn Majority or Totality


Par (Bronx, United States) le31 Jan. 2016 (Matn Qatr an-Nadaa) :

Beautiful print!!!

Wonderfully printed!!!

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