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The Mushaf of the 10 Recitations from the Shātibiyah and Durrah Ways

مصحف القراءات العشر من طريقي الشاطبية والدرة

The book “The Mushaf of the Ten Recitations from the Shātibiyah and Durrah Ways” is one of the most important sciences of the Qur’anic recitations.

In our time, many wonderful and distinctive Qur’anic recitations of the Qur’an have appeared, but each of them has been distinguished in one or several aspects, but others were missing.

This Qur’an is distinguished by many scientific and exegetical features, among them are the following:

- Collecting the words in which the reciters differed in their way of reciting them and identifying their reciters.

- Mentioning the evidence of al-Shātibiyah and ad-Durrah by indicating only the position of their evidence.

- Investigating the sources mentioned on each page of the narration of Warsh in: (Al-Badal, Al Naql, Al-Lamat, Al-Ra’a’, and Al-Leen), and of Hamzah in: “Al-Sakin Al-Mawsoul and Al-Mafsoul”, and “Ha’at” of Al-Makki”, and “IKhfā’āt” of Abi Jaafar” and “Ibdāl Al-Hamz”.

As for the extrinsic features, they are:

- Writing the words on the margins in the Ottoman script.

- Using the opposite colour in letters, diacritics and control when there is a disagreement between the reciters, as well as when referring to the edited verses.

Comments on the book:

- This work is complete and helpful to everyone, among the students, who wants to memorize the ten recitations.

- This work is extremely accurate and perfect, as it adds to the library of recitations a great work in the service of the Book of Almighty Allah.

This book was prepared and coordinated by the professor: Hadiya Mustafa Kamal Al-Raqbi.

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مصحف القراءات العشر من طريقي الشاطبية والدرة
دار الغوثاني
Checking and preparation
هدية كمال الركبي
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