3 Books of Salaf in Aqeedah verified by Abderrazzaq al-Badr

جزء البطاقة للكناني + المختار من أصول السنة لابن البنا +الإنصاف للصنعاني (1182ﻫ)ـ

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3 excellent and rare risala written by great Imams of the Sunnah and on Sunnah Aqeedah with the presentation, verification and authentication of Sheikh Abd ar-Razzaq ibn Abd al-Muhsin al-Badr.

The first is a collection of important and interesting hadith, sometimes rare (21 in total) that has dictated nine months before his death the Imam, the Hadith, the Muhaddith of Egypt, Abil-Qasim Hamza al-Kinani (357H - which was particularly the professor of and Daraqutni ibn Mandah)

The second is a risala Imam ibn Bana (486H - of which we propose another work ar-Rad alal-Mubatadi'a) on the important
and founders points of Ahl as-Sunna.

The third is written by the famous scholar As San'ani (1182H - the author of Subul as-Salam), and deals with an important subject of Aqeedah, but often little known and poorly understood: Saints or Close (Awliya) of Allah, their reality and what the situation is their wonders.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleأول رسالة : جزء البطاقة للحافظ الكناني (357ﻫ)ـويليها : المختار من أصول السنة للأمام ابن البنا (471ﻫ)ـويليها : الإنصاف في حقيقة الأولياء وما لهم من الكرامات والألطاف للأمام الصنعاني (1182ﻫ)ـ
Checking and preparation الشيخ عبد الرزاق بن عبد المحسن البدر
Editionدار الأثرية ودار المحسن
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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