Mudhakkirah fi Usool al-Fiqh - Ash-Shanqiti

مذكرة أصول الفقه ـ محمد الأمين الشنقيطي

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This book of Usool al-Fiqh is widely known and appreciated, it is written by the Great Scholar Muhammad al-Amin Ash-Shanqiti, author of the famous Tafseer Adwae al-Bayan.

This is annotations, explanations and complements to Rawdatu Nadhar, the famous book of Usool al-Fiqh written by Ibn Qudama al-Maqdisi.

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Mudhakkirah fi Usool al-Fiqh - Ash-Shanqiti

Edition Leather cover

Dar 'Alamia, 440 pages. Beautiful edition with authentication of hadith.

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Mudhakkirah fi Usool al-Fiqh - Ash-Shanqiti

Edition With Annotations

Excellent Saudi edition, with the annotations of the son of Sheikh Muhammad Amin ash-Shanqiti, Doctor Muhammad Mukhtar ash-Shanqiti, professor of Usul Fiqh at the University of Medina. (578 pages)

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleمذكرة أصول الفقه
Authorالشيخ محمد الأمين الشنقيطي
HarakatNone or a little bit (or only on the Matn)

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