As-Subul al-Mardhiyyah li Talab al-Ulum ash-Shar’iyyah - Ahmad Salim

السبل المرضية لطلب العلوم الشرعية - أحمد سالم

As-Subul al-Mardhiyyah li Talab al-Ulum ash-Shar’iyyah (Pleasant Pathways of seeking Shari'ah Sciences) - Ahmad Salem

A book that deals with the various ways of acquiring Shari'ah sciences, draws methods for establishing specialisation in the fields of religious knowledge, monitors the problems of those wishing to learn, reveals the areas of division in the teaching curriculum, selects the best methods for seeking knowledge and the virtue of engaging in it, types of obstacles, and identifies the characteristics of the student, the characteristics of seeking knowledge, and the methodology for reaching the desired aim in an accessible language.

The author seeks to answer a number of questions that stand in the way of those seeking to fulfil their scientific needs and desires for knowledge, in addition to presenting proposed approaches to learn each branch of Shari'ah sciences gradually.

In his book, the author also did not forget to emphasise that students of Islamic sciences need other various human sciences, with clarification of books and reading lists in various fields of knowledge and culture, with an explanation of the differences and distinctions between different branches of sciences, in order to put in the hands of students of Shari'ah science and intellectuals a comprehensive methodological reference in various fields of science, knowledge and culture.

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السبل المرضية لطلب العلوم الشرعية
أحمد سالم
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As-Subul al-Mardhiyyah li Talab al-Ulum ash-Shar’iyyah - Ahmad Salim