Takwin al-Madhhab al-Hanafi, by Dr. Said Bakdash

تكوين المذهب الحنفي مع تأملات في ضوابط المفتى به - سائد بكداش

The Hanafi School of Thought with Reflections on the Regulations of its Fatwas:

Saed Bakdash

It is common among many honourable Hanafi jurists and scholars and others that the Hanafi school of thought is composed of the sayings of Imam Abu Hanifa, may Allah be pleased with him, and the sayings of his senior companions: Abu Yusuf, Muhammad, Zafar, and Al-Hasan Ibn Ziyad, may Allah have mercy on them; this is despite their disagreement with Imam Abu Hanifa in several minor and fundamental issues.

In view of the overlapping of the sayings of Abu Hanifa with the statements of his companions, the author raises the most prominent question in this book: How did the three or more sayings, or we may call them the three or more schools of thought, become all “the Abu Hanifa School of Thought”? When were all these sayings merged? Did this merging take place in the early, middle or late books of the doctrine? Or is it in some of them, without the other? Is this only in lengthy books and explanations or in texts as well? And when was the merger established and spread? And what was the reason for that?

This book will provide answers to the aforementioned questions, along with many other benefits for the jurists, through what the author comprehends from the sayings of the scholars and Imams of the Hanafi School who had tackled this issue, as well as through his study of some books of the Hanafi School.

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تكوين المذهب الحنفي مع تأملات في ضوابط المفتى به
سائد بكداش
دار البشائر الإسلامية
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Takwin al-Madhhab al-Hanafi, by Dr. Said Bakdash