Al-Hiwar fi Sharh al-Ajrumiyah (950 pages)

الحوار في شرح الآجرومية


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Here is a totally unique explanation of its kind of the famous grammar book: al-Ajroumiyyah, full of exercises, diagrams, tables... When al-Hiwar fi Sharh al-Ajrumiya was published for the first time there few years, he received a very enthusiastic reception and the book has quickly found sold out!

Here is the second edition corrected and augmented with all harakats meeting in a very large volume.

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Data sheet

Data sheet
Titleالحوار في شرح الآجرومية
Authorسيد بن حسن الديب
Prefaceأ.د. حمزة بن عبد الله النشرتي و د. عبد الله بن محمد الشنقطي
Editionالدار العالمية
HarakatIn Majority or Totality


Par (Frankfurt am Main, Germany) le31 Dec. 2017 (Al-Hiwar fi Sharh al-Ajrumiyah (950 pages)) :
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Par (Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia) le09 Aug. 2016 (Al-Hiwar fi Sharh al-Ajrumiyah (950 pages)) :

Al-Hiwar fi Sharh al-Ajrumiyah

This is very recommended book for learning Arabic grammar (an-Nahw). The explanation in this book is simple but comprehensive, with a lot of examples, so it is easy to understand.
The structure of this book is also interesting, full of exercises, diagrams, tables.

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Par (München, Germany) le29 May 2015 (Al-Hiwar fi Sharh al-Ajrumiyah (950 pages)) :

الحوار في شرح الآجرومية

الكتاب المهم

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