Tahqeeq Mawaaqif as-Sahaabah fi al-Fitnah

تحقيق مواقف الصحابة في الفتنة - محمد أمحزون

This book is a doctoral thesis with which Dr. Amahzoune obtained his Phd. It is a wonderful dissertation on the approach of the Muslims towards reading history in general, and the chance to study the events of the fitnah (trials) among the Companions and its substantiation through the narrations of Imam al-Tabari and Hadith scholars. The book of history by Imam at-Tabari was specially selected, due to its collection of all the narrations with their chains of transmission (Note: He who reports the narrations with their chains of transmission has freed himself from disconcertment); indeed, other scholars will then come forward to examine and review these narrations to distinguish the bad from the good (the fabricated from the authentic). But the book has been exploited by the prejudiced throughout the ages to slander the Companions and engage in them unjustly; so Dr. Amahzoune writes this book to put the records straight, by analyzing history according to the approach of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah and with precepts that are consistent with the belief of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah with regards to the Companions.

The book is ideal and I recommend it to everyone who wants to read about the fitnah in order to reassure his heart with sound knowledge. I was fortunate with guidance by Allah to come across this book, after a series of different readings on this controversial subject.

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تحقيق مواقف الصحابة في الفتنة من روايات الإمام الطبري والمحدثين
محمد أمحزون
دار السلام
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Tahqeeq Mawaaqif as-Sahaabah fi al-Fitnah