As-Sahih fi Fada-il al-Quran - Faruq Hamadah

الصحيح في فضائل القران - فاروق حمادة

As-Sahih fi Fadha’il al-Qur’an wa Suwarihi wa A’yaatihi (Correct in the Virtues of the Qur’an and its Chapters and Verses): - Faruk Hamadah

The Holy Qur'an has always been the focus of the Muslim Ummah's attention and the starting point for its understanding of the universe and existence. It was also the cornerstone for the Companions' lives, and the Prophet's guidance provided the framework for their thinking and set the stage for their perception in comprehending this noble book. The Prophet, may Allah's Peace and Blessing be upon him, is the most knowledgeable about his Lord, as well as the indications of Allah's Book and Verses, and the purposes of their revelation, recitation, reading, and learning. And it was from his Sunnah, peace and blessings be upon him, and his honourable guidance that he chose several Suras and verses for reading and recitation to the Companions in specific situations, which he repeated frequently.

The origin of this book were lessons delivered by the author on the Mohammed VI Radio of the Holy Qur’an in Rabat in the year (1427 AH - 2006 AD). It was entitled (As-Sahih fi Fadha’il al-Qur’an wa Suwarihi wa A’yaatihi), and the author only cited Authentic or Good Hadith. The aim was to present it to the readers of the Holy Qur’an in order for them to avoid fabricated Hadiths in the virtues of Surahs and Verses.

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الصحيح في فضائل القران
فاروق حمادة
دار القلم
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As-Sahih fi Fada-il al-Quran - Faruq Hamadah