Tafsir Ikhtilaf Lafdh Ayat Al-Mutashabih - Muhammad AbdelHalim Awaydah

تفسيراختلاف لفظ آيات المتشابه - محمد عبدالحليم عويضة

The idea for the book came to me while I was reading Allah’s Words (the Qur’an) and trying to think about them. I discovered some passages that were somehow similar but not identical... and the distinction may be a letter, a word, a precedence, a delay, a mention, an omission, an expansion, an abbreviation, and so on.

This begs the question: Is there a reason for the disparity between these passages that necessitates this?

So I began searching through the works of scholars, both past and contemporary, who had written on this topic, and by Allah’s permission, I found the answer, and all discrepancies and imaginary disagreements were eradicated, after a long hard searching for the verse I was wondering about. I would read dozens of pages, until I discovered the verse I needed, and occasionally I would read an entire book and still not locate the requisite verse. This is because there is no book that contains these verses in an organized and easy-to-reference format. So Allah made me wonder why we do not collecting what scholars wrote about such verses and arranging them in the order of the chapters in the Holy Qur'an, similar to Qur’an interpretation books, so that the reader can easily follow the verses, ponder them, and know the ruling from this difference and similarity in an easy and simple way.

I began the journey of the book after performing Istikharah and consulting some of the scholars and sheikhs who wrote on this topic and who strongly encouraged me to start this work. The journey took more than two years in research, collection, arrangement, and coordination. I beseech Allah to accept it and turn it into a huge reward and benefit.

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تفسير اختلاف لفظ آيات المتشابه: بيان الحكمة وإزالة التناقض المتوهم من اختلاف لفظ الآيات القرآنية
محمد عبدالحليم عويضة
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