Al-Jaami' fi Kutub Adaab Al-Mu'allimin (6 Books)

الجامع في كتب آداب المعلمين

The book compiled by 'Adil l-Hamdan gathers 5 books on the ethics of teachers and learners, on education and learning:

“Adab al-Mu'allimin”, by Muhammad Ibn Sahnun (256 AH), who is considered one of the earliest to single out chapters on education and schooling. He discussed many issues related to teachers and their approach in teaching children.

“Masa-il fi Abwab al-Tarbiyah wa al-Ta'lim”, by Ibn Abi Zaid Al-Qayrawani (386 AH)“Malik Al-Saghir”. These are issues collected from the book Fatwas of Ibn Abi Zaid Al-Qayrawani and arranged according to chapters.

“Al-Risalah al-Mufassalah fi Ahwal al-Muta'allimin wa Ahkam al-Mu'allimin wa al-Muta'allimin”, by Ali bin Muhammad Al-Qabisi (403 AH). It explains and arranges many of its chapters and issues, with important benefits and additions that many teachers and students cannot do without.

“Al-Muntaqa min Abwab al-Mu'allimin wa al-Muta'allimin” by Ibn al-Hajj al-Maliki, (737 AH). He carefully discussed the issues of education, teaching methods, and the condition of teachers with the children. He eloquently expounded this subject, treating many issues which were not discussed by his predecessors.

“Jami' Jawami' al-Ikhtisar wa al-Tabyan, Fima Ya'rudh Bayna al-Mu'allimin wa Aba'a al-Subyan” by al-Maghrawi al-Maliki (898 AH). It explains many of their issues, with important additions and many quotes from the imams of the Maliki School.

“Wasaya al-Abaa li Mu'allimi al-Abna”. The compiler of these books says: To add more benefits, I thought of appending these five books by mentioning the commandments fathers to the educators and teachers of their children; these are important and useful commandments in the field of education.

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الجامع في كتب آداب المعلمين
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Al-Jaami' fi Kutub Adaab Al-Mu'allimin (6 Books)