Al-Adab al-kabir wa-al-Adab as-Saghir - Ibn al-Muqaffa’

الأدب الصغير والأدب الكبير - ابن المقفع

It is a book of great value and benefit, in which Ibn al-Muqaffa’ (author of the well-known collection of fables: Kalilah wa Dimnah) directs a piercing view of the entirety of man’s life in his dealings, morals, literature, livelihood and his thoughts. He then corroborates goodwill and good manners, enhances the ambition of the aspiring and highly determined people, and promotes honesty, piety and forbearance in a person’s way of life.

It exalts reason and wisdom, and protects the adults from overindulgence and falling into the world of recklessness and whims. It addresses the intellect with its sublime thoughts, just as it addresses the heart with its eloquent and moderate language, in a composed style free of pretension or frills. Complexities of its style do not prevent you understand its meanings.

For this reason, the book is great in its value, especially if we add that it sheds a lot of light on the literature of an important stage of our Arabic literature within the framework of prose and transmission, covering many ethics that start with the protocols of entering upon the kings and rulers and ends with the simplest things in life.

Lebanese edition Dar as-Sader, very serious, 100% Harakats.

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ابن المقفع
دار صادر
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Al-Adab al-kabir wa-al-Adab as-Saghir - Ibn al-Muqaffa’