Ahkam al-Qur'an - Ahmad ibn Ali Al-Razi Al-Jassas (Hanafi)

أحكام القرآن - الإمام أحمد بن علي الرازي الجصاص

Ahkam Al-Qur’an is a book of jurisprudential interpretation of the Holy Qur’an according to the Hanafi School of Thought, written by Abu Bakr Al-Jassas. Its author deduces the verses of rulings, while mentioning the difference among scholars, then he expands on mentioning the evidence extensively from the Book, the Sunnah, the Arabic language, and mental process of contemplation.

The book collects issues with evidence of the Hanafis on them, and discusses the evidence of the opponents and refutes them; he shows their weaknesses while confirming some of them. The book highlighted the Hanafi jurisprudence through his book, and filled a loophole for the Hanafis in this section.

The book was distinguished by several advantages: its comprehension of the verses of rulings; it clarifies the disagreement of the predecessors regarding these verses, and shows the disagreement of scholars regarding the rulings of the verses, mentioning the evidence of each party. It often mentions the Hadiths and traditions with their chains of transmission and discusses some of them.

The author of this book was a leading Hanafi imam in his era. He singled out the verses of rulings in the Holy Qur’an, and extracted from them what can be learned from jurisprudential rulings, based on other verses, on the Hadiths of the Prophet and the reasons for their Revelation, in addition to the opinions of jurists and the leaders of the Schools of Thought. This science falls under the jurisprudential interpretation of the Holy Quran.

Beautiful Lebanese edition, a very large volume of over 1600 pages.

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أحكام القرآن
الإمام أحمد بن علي الرازي الجصاص
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Ahkam al-Qur'an - Ahmad ibn Ali Al-Razi Al-Jassas (Hanafi)